FBCM Volunteer Teams

Find your place to serve!

Part of our church community at FBCM is our volunteer teams. Serving is a way for us to fellowship with one another and follow in Christ's example to serve. Below is a description of each team available for you to serve and get involved with!
Short/Long Range Planning
  • The short/long range planning team studies, evaluates, and makes reccomendations to
the church based on their determination of future needs. This team was created to
ensure our church continues to be prepared to meet the needs of the community and
the congregation.
  • Chairperson: Bob Parnell - r472742@aol.com (336) 512-6526
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Ministry Placement
  • The ministry placement team works with other teams to track current team
membership and recruit church members who are willing to be considered for team
membership as replacements for current team members who rotate off.
  • Chairperson: Barry Eggleston - btj@mebtel.net (919) 417-1517
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Personnel Team
  • The personnel team is responsible for overseeing hiring of non-pastoral staff as well as
evaluating salaries and making recommendations to staffing and salary changes. The
personnel team also maintains job descriptions.
  • Chairperson: Melody Wrenn Melody@joewrenncpa.com (336) 263-3210
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Stewardship Team
  • The stewardship team oversees the churches financial health. They create the budget
and determine feasibility of spending throughout the year. They coordinate the
conducting of audits as needed and ensure the church is a good steward of funds given
through tithes, offerings, and designated giving to fulfill the mission of the church in our
  • Chairperson: Katherine Connelly katherinenielsencga@gmail.com (919) 699-7313
  • Meeting Cadence - Monthly
Sonshine Ministry Team
  • This team supports and oversees the operation of SonShine Ministries to approve
curriculum, personnel policies, finances, salaries, and policies and procedures. It is also
responsible for an annual internal review of the ministry's financial records and external
audits when warranted.
  •  Chairperson: Emily Keck
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Bylaws Team
  • This team knows the bylaws inside and out. They meet annually or as needed to initiate
or recommend changes to the church bylaws and reviews any proposed changes from
other sources.
  • Chairperson: Ken Sellers taikijorsel@gmail.com (336) 254-1113
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Properties Team
  • The Properties team maintains general charge and upkeep of the church including
grounds, buildings, contents, and use of buildings. Duties include operational and
preventative maintenance, work with Personnel team regarding hiring and supervision
of custodial employees, recommend upgrades/repairs and administer budget of church
buildings/equipment with Stewardship team.
  •  Chairperson: Brice Moore Bricemoore53@gmail.com (919) 618-3577
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Missions Coordinating Team
  • It is a mission of the church to have at least 10% of income used toward mission work.
This team determines best use of funds and ensures this goal is met. The Missions
Coordinating team will evaluate and make recommendations on what missions our
church should support.
  •  Chairperson: Lorraine Garrison - gailerui@hotmail.com (706) 329-5382
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly
Music and Worship Team
  • The music and worship team reviews and makes recommendations to changes
proposed to the musical selections of the worship team. Oversees balancing traditional
and contemporary worship to ensure our church engages in praising God and reaches all
who seek Him.
  • Chairperson: TBD
  • Meeting Cadence - Quarterly