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Fundraising  Campaign 

After years of prayer, research, hard work and faithful giving from our congregation, we at First Baptist Church of Mebane are ready to start building our new church campus! We have 22 acres at the corner of Gibson and 3rd Street in Mebane and plan to build a Worship Center (Sanctuary), a Family Life Center and a Childcare center. On May 15, 2022, our church voted to start with the Childcare facility first. Why start with the children? Because it is an urgent need in our community. The town of Mebane is growing, and has grown rapidly and the waitlist is long for full-day childcare. Families are waiting months for a spot to open, which creates strain in all areas of life. We want to be the resource that eases the burden and not only provides a safe and educational place for children - we want to teach them about the Lord! Our plan is to build a 300 child facility, which will have a significant and lasting positive impact in Mebane and the surrounding communities. One of the conditions of our construction loan is to have a 3 year long fundraiser during which we raise $500,000. This is the final seed money needed to ensure we have the cash on hand to make interest payments on the loan during construction, furnishing and training. Our goal is to break ground as quickly as possible with the new childcare facility open for business in the fall of 2023. This fundraising effort will begin in September of 2022 and conclude in August of 2025. The plan is that once the childcare facility has been running for a few years we’ll start on the next building at our church campus - either a Worship Center or a Family Life Center next. Please consider how you can support the next chapter in our church’s life. We can all pray - pray that we are following God’s will, pray for good construction weather and a safe job site with abundant building materials. We’ll be gathering monthly to pray over the construction site at a variety of times and days. Please check the church calendar or call the church office at 919-563-3176 for this month’s selection and join us at the corner of Gibson and 3rd Street. But many of us can do more than pray. We can pray and share our financial resources. Some may prefer to give monthly, some may prefer to give a larger, one-time gift. Some may partner with their family or friends to give a higher impact gift. Raising $500,000 can sound like an intimidating amount of money, but if we have 200 families, or individuals, or Small Groups, Sunday School classes, businesses, or teams that commit to giving $70 each month for 3 years we can achieve this goal - that’s about like spending one extra tank of gas each month! Build Your Church Fundraising Campaign Ways to give: if writing a check or giving online, please mark your gift as “Building Fund,” or drop an envelope marked Building Fund in the offering boxes in the sanctuary. You can give the gift of a piece of property or an item the church can sell (ex:vehicle, fine art, collector’s items), or transfer stock for the church to sell. Donors can choose to be either recognized or anonymous. We’re going to create a donor recognition wall to thank those who helped achieve our goal, using our church logo as inspiration. The donor wall will be created using engraved plates that are arranged in groups according to gifting tiers.

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To help keep track of our goal we’ll be bringing something special to our current church sanctuary. As you look at the worship platform, you’ll see a little white church with a tall tower on the side near the organ. For every $5,000 raised we’ll be adding a turquoise colored brick to the tower. Why turquoise? Well - that’s our church logo color! Why one brick for every $5,000 - because we built the tower to hold 100 bricks! Our prayer is that we’re adding at least 2-3 bricks every month, but we’d love to add more. If you would like to be a part of this special, short term fundraising effort at First Baptist Church, or if you have any questions, please reach out to the Build Your Church team leaders: Katherine Conley at 919-699-7313 and Louis Sullivan at 443-955-8364.

Donation Tiers

Build Your Church Fundraising Campaign Donation Tiers Up to $250 - The Widow’s Mite, Mark 12: 41-44, Every Penny is Precious! If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors with a plate on the donor wall, and if the person is a child or teenager, we’ll note their age during the final year. Give link here /give
$251 to $500 - The Cheerful Giver, 2nd Corinthians 9:7, God loves a cheerful giver - no matter the form it takes, your heart should be in it. If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors with a plate on the donor wall.  Give link here  /give
$501 to $1000 - Seeking the Promised Land, Exodus 33:1, “Leave this place and go to the land I have promised…I will give it to your descendants.” If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors with a plate on the donor wall. Give link here /give
$1001 to $2500 - Walking on Water, Matthew 14:22-33, have the courage to step out on faith. If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors with a plate on the donor wall.  Give link here /give
$2501 to $5000 - The Sisterhood of Mary and Martha, Luke 10:38-42. We celebrate both lifelong learners and worker bees! If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors with either something for the kitchen or the library.  Give link  here /give 
$5001 to $10,000 - Fishers of Men, Matthew 4:18-20. “Come, follow me… and I will make you fishers of men.” Jesus called his first disciples and they followed him immediately. If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors with playground or outdoors equipment. Give link here /give
$10,000 to $25,000 - The Good Samaritan, Luke 10:29-37, he gave and checked back in to see if there was still further need. If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll recognize donors by planting a tree with a recognition plate.  Give link here /give
$25,000 or more - The Loaves and the Fishes, Matthew 14:13-21. A few people gave enough that everyone’s needs were met. If this amount is given over 3 years we’ll create a park bench in the donor’s honor. Give link here /give