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Adult Ministries

Where Do I Fit In?

At First Baptist Mebane, we offer a variety of Sunday School classes for all walks of life.

  • Koinonia ~ Room 301 - The Koinonia Sunday School class generally consists of adult couples and singles ages 60 and over.
  • Agape ~ Room 303 - The Agape Sunday Schoool class consists of adult couples and singles ages 50 and older focusing on life lessons with an emphasis on Bible study.
  • Neighborhood Disciples ~ Room 306- Neighborhood Disciples is a group of men and women ages 45 and up.
  • Kingdom Seekers  ~ Room 308- Kingdom Seekers consists of ladies of all ages with lively discussions of Bible studies and lessons.
  • Footprints ~ Room 104 - Footprints is a post-high school/up to 27'ish/singles/married/class.  Topical lessons are varied from week to week so members can drop in without missing much.  They have a Sunday morning breakfast every few months and food and coffee EVERY Sunday morning.
  • Journey ~ Room 304- The Journey Sunday School class consists of couples ages 30 and up with wonderful class discussions and lessons that can apply to current life situations.
  • Christian Seeds ~Room 309- Christian Seeds (formerly Christian Friends and Mustard Seeds) is a group of couples and singles ages 30 and up.  Lessons vary from raising children and time-management to Heaven and the book of Revelations.
  • New Vision ~ Room 302- New Vision is a class for men and women ages 60 and over.  Although most members are couples, singles are welcomed as well.  Lessons come from the Smith & Helwys lesson series and they generally have socials three times a year.  
  • New Light ~ Room 102- The New Light Sunday School class is focused on young couples who are starting their journey together. We explore guidance the Bible provides to address common concerns faced by young couples today. The class tends toward group discussions on a given topic using a small group format. 
  • Fidelis Ladies ~ Room 305 - Fidelis Ladies consist of ladies ages 60 and up.
  • Harris Men ~ Room 310 - Led by the Harris brothers, this group consists of men ages 60 and up.

Why Study the Bible?

You asked a very good question! The Bible is the only source of divine truth which also leads us to the mind of God and His will for our lives. But if that is not good enough, here are the top ten reasons to study the Bible!

#10 - To build a storehouse of knowledge of Christian faith
#9 - To learn God's way of forgiveness
#8 - To discover God's principles of marriage and family life
#7 - To build lasting moral values for your children
#6 - To find moral and spiritual guidance for your life
#5 - To develop habits of daily worship
#4 - To build hope for the future
#3 - To gain strength to face life's crises with faith and trust in God
#2 - To discover God's everlasting love
#1 - To meet God personally through Jesus Christ

Why Small Groups?

Real Christian growth doesn't always occur in big settings. By being personally involved in a small group you can ask questions and grasp more of what it means to live a Christian life than in any other way. These groups also serve as an encouraging body as you struggle with your faith.
When Do They Meet?

A wide variety of options for Christian living are available throughout the year here at First Baptist. Some of these groups meet on Sundays or Wednesdays, or at various times throughout the week.